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┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversity Receives Anonymous $20 Million Gift

April 08, 2024

Contact: Thonnia Lee, Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing  

Photo of Margaret Murray Washington Hall on campus

┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversity is pleased to announce that it has received a $20 million gift to support the UniversityÔÇÖs STEM programs and a variety of campus enhancements from an anonymous donor. 

This is the second $20 million gift the university has received in less than four years. This donation will support a faculty leadership position, an endowed scholarship, enhance on-campus student affairs and campus security staffing, develop STEM programs and applied research and match our UNCF endowment fund. 

ÔÇťThis gift will allow us to invest in our ┐█┐█┤ź├Ż, faculty, programs and infrastructure, enabling us to enhance our academic reputation, enrich the student experience and continue our work to reach milestones within our strategic plan,ÔÇŁ said Dr. Charlotte P. Morris, ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversity president. ÔÇťIt will provide additional resources for us to implement vital initiatives, further securing the campus, and fostering a more dynamic community.ÔÇŁ 

The gift will provide: 

  • Endowed faculty leadership positions
  • Endowed scholarships
  • Enhancement of on-campus student affairs and campus security staffing
  • Development of STEM programs and applied research
  • Fulfill a UNCF pooled endowment fund match

ÔÇťWe are grateful for this extraordinary act of philanthropy, which will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on our university and its community,ÔÇŁ said Dr. Morris. ÔÇťThis contribution is a testament to our collective efforts and the enduring trust inspired by the ┐█┐█┤ź├Żlegacy.ÔÇŁ 


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