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Program Overview:

The ۿ۴ýUniversity Office of Undergraduate Research (TUOUR) coordinates a University-Wide Undergraduate Research activities from all disciplines in STEM and non-STEM related fields, supports undergraduate and faculty research. The TUOUR serves as a clearing house for faculty and ۿ۴ý for summer research opportunities, internships and practicums to assist colleagues in achieving their outcomes for assisting ۿ۴ý with summer research and internship opportunities. The office benefits undergraduate learning, enhances ۿ۴ýUniversity undergraduate research capability, promotes ۿ۴ýUniversity undergraduate research visibility in both STEM and non-STEM related areas.


The ۿ۴ýUniversity Office for Undergraduate Research (TUOUR)is one of the ۿ۴ýUniversity president, Dr. Johnson’s Student Engagement Initiatives.TUOURseeks to enrich the research and scholarly experience of all ۿ۴ýUniversity undergraduates from University-Wide disciplines in STEM and non-STEM related fields. We believe that ۿ۴ý with research experience during their college careers are better prepared for their future. Accordingly,TUOURaims to integrate student learning with experiences in the world beyond the classroom so that research can become a distinctive feature of the undergraduate experience for all STEM and non-STEM ۿ۴ý at ۿ۴ýUniversity.TUOURstrives to make undergraduate research a part of the ۿ۴ý culture at ۿ۴ýUniversity.

For more information please contact:

Fan Wu, Ph.D.

Office of Undergraduate Research/Undergraduate Research Journal

Professor, Computer Science Department
John A. Kenney Hall, Room 71-232

Tuskegee, AL 36088

Phone: 334-727-8362