The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Welcome to the Office of Research which is headed by the Vice President for Research. The Office is responsible for the development and implementation of aggressive plans╠ř to insure that ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversityÔÇÖs research capability and annual research funding from federal agencies and other sources are substantially enhanced and making sure that ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversity is in complete compliance with state and federal regulations in implementing research and other sponsored programs.

Since its creation in 1996, the Office of Research has more than doubled its annual funding for research and other sponsored programs. ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversityÔÇÖs annual funding for Research and other Sponsored Programs currently ranges from $40 to $71╠řmillion. Credit for this enormous success goes to faculty members and staff, who continue to search for resources and write winning proposals. The staff members in the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs and various departments of Business and Fiscal Affairs are also to be commended for their enthusiastic support of the researchers in the grantsmanship process. These grants and contracts not only allow us to fulfill the research mission of ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversity but also make a huge impact on our academic programs. ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversityÔÇÖs four Ph.D. programs are prime examples of programs that are offered solely based on the expertise and resources developed by the faculty members.

The mission, goals and outcomes of the Office of Research are presented on the left of the page.╠řPlease visit the links to learn the various functions of this unit.╠ř ╠ř ╠ř

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Vijay Rangari, Ph.D.
Interim &╠řAssociate VP, Research & Sponsored Porgrams╠ř╠ř