Applying for ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversity Scholarships

Students on campus┐█┐█┤ź├ŻUniversity recognizes the importance of a quality education. We are committed to providing quality service to our primary customers, our ┐█┐█┤ź├Ż. The Office of Financial Aid awards numerous scholarships annually from the various departments within the colleges and schools on campus, as well as other entities. ╠ř

The Office of the Bursar may apply external scholarships directly to ┐█┐█┤ź├Ż' university billing accounts. ╠řCorporations, alumni clubs, individuals and other organizations have endowed scholarships that have been established at the university. ╠řGeneral scholarships for incoming freshmen, current ┐█┐█┤ź├Ż and transfer may also be available. ╠řCorporations, individuals and organizations frequently provide one-time scholarships to ┐█┐█┤ź├Ż. ╠ř

List of available scholarships:╠ř ╠ř ╠ř╠ř

All of these scholarships have specific criteria that must be met in order for ┐█┐█┤ź├Ż to qualify. Unless a scholarship states that it is being awarded to a specific student by the university or by an outside and independent entity, all are awarded competitively and consideration does not guarantee a scholarship will be awarded. To ensure maximum consideration, it is important that ┐█┐█┤ź├Ż are knowledgeable of the specific requirements and deadlines associated with all scholarships awarded.